Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day Inspired Fashion

Since we are coming up on Valentine's Day rather quickly. I thought I would put together an outfit to help everyone get inspired. We all know that when it comes to Valentine's Day, red is the color. But this year from becoming ever so bored with red as my chosen color for a dress, I decided that I would try pink. And of course, it being my favorite color helps.

Feast your eyes on this! An amazing forties black dress that is made up of a crepe and rayon mixture. It has wonderful cap sleeves which makes it perfect to pair with black gloves. Around the neckline is a beautiful pink bow that is made up of sequins. And the skirt has a swing effect to it which is also nice if you plan on going dancing later. You can find this sexy little number, at http://www.poshgirlvintage.com/!
Now that we have the purrfect dress, we need a matching hat! Now this pink forties hat is truely one of a kind. It was found on the one and only Ebay, which is my favorite place to shop. This fine hat will stun an entire room of people with it's tilt design and matching pink veil.
Because I am absolutely crazy over high end forties glamour. I very well couldn't leave you all haniging in the dark without giving you all the full montey. So, I had to give you all a gorgeous pair of late thirties, early forties pumps. These pretty little puppies are a wonderful raspberry pink color. Have that ever famous peep-toe and oh so daring t-strap. And can be found, at http://www.freudianslipsvintage.com/!
So, that is all folks! I hope I have gotten you all inspired for Valentine's Day and I wish you a very best Valentine's Day!
xoxo Lola*


  1. Those shoes are lovely. I just adore your style and how you present your outfits so I awarded you an ... award I guess on my blog. Hope you pass it onto another blog that you admire :)
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  2. hey found you from redora lounge. love your blog. you are so pretty i love the outfit.

  3. I adore the netting on that hat. It is the icing on the glamour cake. Why don't all hats come with netting? Such a perfect element.


  4. so lovely!!