Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The problem with Vintage Furniture

Maybe I'm just the exception but I've been having one hell of a time with vintage furniture. I'm sure most of you that choose to wear vintage clothing also choose to have vintage furniture in your place. Well, having been wearing vintage clothing for 12 years, I am also one of those people that would love to have nothing but vintage furniture in my apartment.

 I recently decided to go with a mid century modern look for my place. It is not my personal favorite but it seemed to be the most available style here in Arizona. But by chance or luck as I thought, I ran across a gorgeous mid century pink sectional sofa for sale on Esty. I contacted the seller and we agreed that I would make payments until it was paid off and then said seller would ship the sofa to me. This seller had great feedback and seemed like an honest enough person. Well, after a considerable run around with seller for almost 2 months, I finally went to my bank and had my money refunded to me since seller obviously had no intention on shipping the sofa.

So, having learned my lesson from buying anything bigger then clothing on Esty, I moved on to trying to find something at a local antique/vintage furniture store instead. My friend Rachel and I got together today and went hunting. Finally after hours of searching, we came across a great shop with a few things I was interested in. I left with an Art Deco end table and hopes to go back for the Art Deco burgundy sofa in a couple of days.

When I got home and started to clean off the end table I noticed a cluster of webs on the bottom which look like spiders. By now I'm pissed and have no idea what to do. So, I sat the end table on my balcony so no one would steal it and if they are spiders that wouldn't be in my house. The table was only $30 and I hate to throw it out but I'm also not sure what to do. I also am afraid to go back and buy the sofa in fear that these spider things will also be on the sofa.

Has anyone else been in this situation? Or what do you do when you buy new vintage furniture? Is there a routine/ cleaning process you do?


  1. Hey I am curious where you went shopping at! I live in Phoenix and so I want to avoid wherever you went!

    Tara O.

  2. Tara,
    I don't want to name names simply cuz it's bad for business and since the rest of their items were mint I don't feel it fair. I can say that it's partly my fault cuz being in the back area of the shop/warehouse where they offer reupholestering isn't such a good idea. Esp if said items were in the not yet touched pile.

  3. Buying vintage furniture you can seldom avoid getting bugs/spiders whatsoever with you home - clean it well, and it's not a problem. 2 things you should be really carefull to look after is: 1) textile moth, they are really bad to get in your home, they eat your wardrobe and if a piece of furniture is infected it's difficult to get rid of. It can be done if you freeze the furniture for a 1½ week - that kills everyting, also bugs, but it's expensive. 2) wood eating beatles, they are also difficult to get rid of, but can be done with petrol.

    You probably have different pest problems where you live than where I live (Denmark, Europe), try to look at the webbing and see if you can find out what kind of bug it is, maybe it's nothing to worry about and just need a good clean :)

  4. I'd just give it a damn good vacuuming to remove the webs and any spiders that might be in them!

  5. Thanks ladies!
    I removed what I could from the underneath but there is still some in this little piece. So it's looking like I'm going to have to remove the piece to get to them. Was also going to do a once over with bug spray just incase I missed anything. My real problem is that even though it looks like spiders I'm still not sure since I'm not from this area. Plus I'm such a girl and really freak over bugs