Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 1

Day 1 of my trip was exhausting after the 6 hours of driving we did from Scottsdale to San Diego, but the hotel was beautiful. We stayed at the Ocean Beach Hotel on the second floor in a small room. Our room over looked a lovely courtyard with lots of plants and the tables even had dog bowels in them incase your doggie was traveling with you.

The owner even had his very own vintage woodie that I decided to take a picture with once we arrived. Yes, that's a smoothie in my hand. hehe But we were tired so my boyfriend Kevin and I went upstairs, unpacked our stuff, and headed to the beach.

It soon started to get pretty late and we were starting to get hungry. Plus I reminded my boyfriend that he still owed me crab legs due to a bet I won. So we decided we would try the resturant next to our hotel since they had crab legs on their menu. I was really excited. So we went back to the hotel and changed.

I put on my 50s pink tiki dress and we walked over to Nick's.

The view from our table at Nick's was wonderful. The owners of the place really lucked out when they bought that place because the view was amazing, the food was delious, I couldn't have been happier. After dinner, we still wanted some more beach time so off to the pier we went.

Good Night

xo Lola

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