Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vintage Buys

Since I haven't written anything in some time. I thought I would start out with a shout out to :
Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne, LLC.
415 Bosler Avenue
Lemoyne, Pa 17043
(717) 761-2865

I had spent some time there these past few weekends in search of a new compact and a 40's ladies watch. But my urges to buy almost everything took over and I kind of went crazy.

I was actually taken there by someone very dear to my heart a couple of years back. They knew my love for all things vintage and thought it would be a great place to show me since I was running out of opions in Harrisburg, Pa. The Antique Marketplace is a really good place to go to shop for anything and everything vintage at a stealof a price. They carry clothes, furniture, cookware, etc. just everything.

I ended up buying a 40's salmon pink slip $18, and the October 21, 1941 issue of Look magazine $5.( sorry no pictures) I then ended up buying a set of five 30's/40's teal jewelry bags for $5, three 30's/40's white lingerie bags for $5, and a large 40's red compact for $12. ( the only thing wrong with the compact was the mirror was bad and has to be replaced. But it was never used.)

30's-40's jewelry bags
30's-40's lingerie bags
40's red compact
inside of compact

So if you're ever in the area...please go there and check them out!


P.s. Sorry my pictures start to get cut off on the right side. But the other white lingerie bag is the smallest of the 3.


  1. Yes, where have you been? Hope all is well! Did you buy your car yet?? I'm starting to clean out around here, are you looking for anything particular??


  2. That compact is so lovely! Congrats on your finds.