Saturday, October 3, 2009


So today it felt like I was waking up at sunrise even thought it was only 9am. I usually wake up earlier but it was a saturday. So, who does that? Well, I do! Atleast for today, since it was a saturday and I wanted to go to Saturday's Market.

Saturday's Market is a giant market place in Middletown, Pa where a ton of vendors carry antique, vintage, new items, and food. There are 3-4 sections inside plus multiple tents outside. I was in heaven when my boyfriend and I finally arrived there. It has been years since the last time I was there and I hadn't realized how many more vintage things they had started carrying. There was so much to look at, that it was closing before we even had time to look at all the things that were outside in the tents.

While we were there, I did have a chance to pick up 2 magazine ads from the 40's. A song hits magazine from 1941 that showcased one of my favorite movies, Moon Over Miami starring Betty Grable. And 2 pairs of vintage clip-on earrings.

$5 -Now I just need to find picture frames to fit!
41 cents- A peek inside the magazine!

*Check back next weekend for pictures from The Classic Car and Fashion Shown revival in New Jersey and if you're going I hope to see you there!


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