Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 3

                Before I get into the 3rd day of my vacation to San Diego. I wanted to announce that I will be in a vintage fashion show on the 27th of this month. So expect to see a post on that and all of the lovely outfits I get to wear for it. Plus, the dress I bought during my fitting tonight that I will finally be able to take  home with me after the fashion show since it will be the last dress in the fashion show I will be wearing. So, lets get started...

Day 3
Day 3 started out wonderful with another day at the beach, splashing around in the water. I did get some sand you know where and that was abit unpleasant but still fun. I also saw a big ass jelly fish float by me and I kinda freaked out. Yeah, you can say I'm a little scared from some bad experiences I had when I lived back in Pa and went on vacation to the beaches in Maryland. But after that we moved down to the other end, and I didn't see or fear about seeing another jelly fish again.
Once we were done and realized how much sun we had actually gotten, even with all the sunscreen we had put on. We decided to go into the city of San Diego and check out some of the vintage shops I found on Yelp. The first place we decided to check out that actually had some things I liked was Ms. Vintage.
I looked around the store and didn't really find anything from the 1930s-1950s that I liked. I am rather picky when it comes to my vintage. I do tend to only go for certain looks from each era that fit my body shape and girlish style. They didn't seem to have it, but they did have alot of things I knew my friend Rachel would have loved. It was mostly late 1950s-1980s items. But I did find a pair of 50s gold lame heels and earrings, in total only spend $67.
The girl at the counter was super nice and wrapped everything so nice. She even told me that she could tell my style was earlier then what they carried and told me to go check out the place down the street that was having its grand opening that day. So, Kevin and I walked down the street and around the corner to where this new shop was. And I could tell by the window display I was going to love it.

We walked inside and I completely fell in love with the place. It was stunning and the amount of rare vintage items Sparkle had in her shop was amazing. I did look at getting one or two items including the purple dress in the silly picture you see above, that my boyfriend Kevin took of me while we were there. That dress was going for $178. The 1940s black number was going for $199 and the 1950s Alfred Shaheen was going for $425. That was alot of money, so I did ask if she was willing to do a little bit of a discount since I would be not only buying 3 dresses on her grand opening but without a discount be spending $802. She refused and insisted that all of her items were in mint condition and was not willing to go any lower on anything in her shop. So, being no dummy as to what the dresses were really worth but not being rude either, I pointed out all the holes, pulls, and moth damage on the dresses. She still refused, so I walked.
When it comes to good vintage I don't mind paying. When it's unbelievably over priced and damaged, I won't pay it. So, needless to say I won't be going there ever again.
Later that evening after we got back to the hotel we showered, and changed. I put on my new Stop Staring dress and the gold lame heels from earlier that day. We walked up the street from our hotel and decided to check out some of the restaurants menus and figure out where we wanted to eat. At first we were thinking sushi and even went into a spot, but where they sat us in the back was super hot and not to mention no a/c, so we left and headed back up the street. We then walked past an open Italian place called Ciao Bella where we could see people enjoying glasses of wine and delicious looking pasta dishes. So we went inside.
The first picture of the pasta is the gnocchi I had and the second picture is that of the ravioli Kevin got to eat for dinner. So, a really good dinner with lots of wine and bruschetta as our appetizer. But by the end of the evening I was pouting since I knew the next morning we would be leaving to head back home.
xoxo Lola



  1. I live in San Diego and have been to both vintage shops you mention. TGCHI just opened and we went in once to check it out. Needless to say we were blown away by her prices! She has amazing stuff but the prices would be more at home in New York or San Francisco. Even there though they are willing to budge on the prices. I hate to say this but I feel that TGCHI is doomed to fail. People here just aren't willing to pay those prices. And those of us that are true collectors know what the items are worth and also know where to get them for less. I wish they would be more lenient though because there aren't a lot of vintage shops here anymore.

  2. I know it's sad. I was so excited when I found out they were opening since I hadn't found anything else that carried the eras I like. But was so disappointed by the prices. They'd probably do really well if the prices were better. But oh well.