Friday, July 8, 2011

How I Cut My Own Hair...

So, I've been going through a rather low state lately. I haven't felt very vintage lately due to the extremely hot weather we have been having here in Arizona. It's been in the 100's everyday for the last month even at 1:00 in the morning. And dry cleaning being the prices that it is, it hasn't made much sense to actually dress vintage. And for someone that doesn't have much just doesn't work all the time! I do try my best with regular clothes that look vintage-ish and have turned out looking very rockabilly/ pinup.

Anyways, I do do my best to stay glamorous even when I'm not really feeling it or much like myself. I usually try and do my nails or get my toes done. But that doesn't always help. Not even buying a new lippie! So, since my hair grows rather fast, I decided to cut 5inches of it off lastnight. I mean it's hot out, so a nice cut would help with keeping cool, and if I feel better from it, so be it.

So, this is how I cut my own hair because I'm cheap and don't trust hairdressers!

First, you will need scissors, a hair brush, a water bottle with water in it if you haven't washed your hair before hand. (I had just washed mine the night before)


I started out with brushing out my hair since it is naturally curly. Part into 2 sections and place them over each shoulder.

Brush out each section. Starting with one of the sections, wet hair with water bottle from ear down and brush through.


Cut approx. desired length.


Starting the the second section of hair, wet and put both sides together and cut evenly.


(Some of the front pieces may be longer but that's ok because of the layers you will be putting in) Brush out sections.

Now for the layers:

Take a piece of hair and pull away from the head, brush it out, then take fingers along that piece and stop at bottom strands end. You will cut up from there.


Repeat all around the head for layers. Remember to water where needed, and clean out ur sink when finished.


Here is a day after picture with my hair done i.e. taken down from a vintage up do I did.


Hope you all enjoyed!!Sorry for some of the funny faces I was making in the photos, and have a lovely weekend! lol


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  1. I think it looks great! Seeing your cut really makes me miss my bangs from my college days :)