Friday, April 22, 2011

Outfit Post


Hello all!!!

As you all know by now, I have moved to Arizona and I must say I am very happy with my choice to move here. It has been absolutely wonderful and the sights are beautiful. Actually, the above phone is one I took on my way to the Paradise Valley Mall the other day. But not to waste anymore time...on with my dresses.

Outfit 1

(Not the best photo but I really wanted one of me in my new dress with the Bettie Page bangs I cut for myself. )

30s/40s Blue Dress-Etsy
40's White Shoes-Ebay
Bakelite-local shops in Pa

Outfit 2

(A day of shopping for goodies at Saturdays Farmers Market in Scottsdale.)

40's Blue Deer Novalty Print Dress-Ebay
40's Black Sling-back Shoes-Ebay
30's Peach Sunglasses-Ebay
50s/60's Wicker Fan Purse-Ebay
40's Ladies Wristwatch-Ebay



  1. Love both of your '40s dresses, especially the collar detailing on the first dress (reminds me of Art Deco architecture). I'm envious of your shoes too, my feet are too big for vintage shoes. :(

  2. This is beautiful post.glasses and dress is beautiful but the most important and beautiful thing is purse i have the same purse which i have bought with amazon coupon that is similar to that purse.