Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Arizona Vacation!!

Ok, so now that I have totally slacked on actually writing this post. I've finally decided to give into it and just write it. Having not been myself lately, being non-vintage, I've just been avoiding this. I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but for some reason I've just been feeling a lack of inspiration vintagely.

over Arizona
Over Arizona!

Anyways...my vacation was wonderful! It was everything I needed, which was complete r&r from my daily life. Now being back home, I can't help but miss the place and long for the time to be back there! But I think that is something we all go through after such a great vacation.

The hotel!

fish/turtle pond
Fish pond in the hotel!(the turtle is in the red circle)

While I was there, I stayed at the Embassy Suits in Pheonix. They were amazing, like nothing I have ever seen. When you first walk up to it, you see beautiful palm trees and all kinds of tropical goodness. Then you walk into the actualy hotel, and it's like stepping into another world. The lobby was normal with the front desk and everything, but then you notice that there is a pond with fish and turtles through the whole thing. And, you have to walk over mini bridges to get to different areas. They also had complimentary breakfast every moring from 6am to 9am. Which was also amazing simply because the one lady made home made omelettes.

My most memorable highlight of my vacation, was our trip to Frank Llyod Wright's Taliesin West which as designed 1937 to 1959. It was the house that was created after the famous Falling Water that is actually located here in Pa.

taliesin west

taliesin west

If you are interested in seeing more pictures from my vacation, you can go to www.myspace.com/lovinglola!

xoxo Lola*

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