Saturday, September 12, 2009

Luau Party!!!

So, earlier around 3:30pm my mother calls me. I answer the phone to her yelling about something about her dogs to her boyfriend. I say 'hello' , and proceed to ask her what's going on. Before I am able to finish my sentence, she's off rambling about some party she is have around 6pm.

After sometime I reach the conculsion that she is throwing an end of summer Luau party for her and all her friends. It would be taking place at her work at 6pm-11pm. There would be games, contests, an open bar, and free food. And I had to be there.

My boyfriend and I arrived there around 6pm. As we walked in, we went through a big blow-up luau thing with fake flowers hanging down from the ceiling by strings. Everything in the main hall was tropical themed. Even the sign telling us to go up the stairs was decorated. So, we walked up the stairs to be greeted by my mother's friend Caitlyn, whom was passing out leis.

The main room.

We came into the main room where all the food was displayed along the windows. Off to the right, there was a DJ playing tropical music....And we grabbed some food and Pina Coladas, and headed outside.

8.11.09 food

Once outside on the deck, you could see the pool infront of you, a tiki bar to the left of you, and a tent with tables and chairs to the right of you.

A close-up of my hair and make-up for the evening with the pool in the background.

As the night went on, they lit the tiki torches and started playing slower non-tropical music. And my boyfriend asked me to dance!

dancing 8.11.09

It ended at 11pm, and we all went home! But first a picture of my outfit from the evening.

8.11.09 outfit

Ok, so apparently I'm really bad at taking pictures when it comes to events. I tend to forget that I actually have a camera on me. So, I'm very sorry for the lack of pictures.

Lola xx

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